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Who we source our ingredients from and why they are important
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Our suppliers


It’s vital that we have authentic MediterraneanĀ ingredients to work with where possible. In the process of researching suppliers, we met Mel from George Militois & Son, a continental food expert based in North London. An awesome, friendly guy who was nice enough to invite us over for a family BBQ to learn all the skills of proper Cypriot BBQing.

These guys have been supplying the finest food that the Mediterranean has to offer – they only stock fresh products, like the essential Cypriot halloumi for our addictive halloumi fries and give us the best tasting, Cypriot olive oils.

George Miliotis & Son

2 Sheep from wales, standing proudly in a paddock


We only use farm-assured meat in our cooking. It’s a really big deal to us that it’s of the highest quality but also that they have been treated well – We therefore only work with a meat supplier that has the same views. Our chicken comes from farms throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.